The Only Shoes You Need This Summer Are at Zara—Obviously

Listen, it goes without saying that Zara can be your shopping destination for all things in any season. Whether it’s casual wear, formal frocks, swimsuits, dresses, jackets, or handbags, the brand has got you covered no matter what you’re looking for. But every once in a while, a quick peruse through the site will show that one or more categories are thriving well beyond the rest—exceeding the usual greatness and achieving excellence. Right now, that’s undoubtedly its shoes. 

From high heels to flats to in-between sandals, Zara’s footwear game for summer can only be described as next level. That might be why my attempt to provide you with a tight edit of my absolute favorites resulted in nothing less than a whopping 31 picks, and trust me, I tried. Better for you because the below roundup won’t leave you wanting more. With that said, to get started shopping my picks of the absolute best Zara shoes for summer, just keep scrolling.

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