There Are Huge Crowds At March For Our Lives Rallies Across The Nation

Big crowds are gathering across the country to demand common-sense gun laws at March For Our Lives events.

A crowd that is smaller than in 2018 but still impressively large is rallying in Washington, DC:

Here was the crowd in Minneapolis, MN, two hours ago:

The crowd in Buffalo, NY:

Around 1,000 people are expected in Dallas, TX:

A big crowd has assembled in Parkland, FL, the place where this movement began after the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School:

There are more than 450 March For Our Lives rallies scheduled to take place throughout the United States on Saturday, and as usual, they are being woefully undercovered by cable news and mainstream media outlets.

All told, hundreds of thousands of people will march.

There will be more people marching than attended Donald Trump’s inauguration. More people will be marching than any protest that the right has staged in years.

The American people are demanding gun reform and legislation to combat the mass shooting epidemic in the United States. People want action on gun violence, and those hundreds of thousands of marchers will be voting in local, state, and federal elections this November.

The power of those who want this crisis addressed is growing while the NRA is crumbling under the weight of public demand, corruption, and scandal.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are marching for their lives, and they will not be ignored.

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