Trump Invents Claim That Biden’s COVID Is Really Dementia As His Desperation Grows

Trump is getting desperate and inventing a baseless conspiracy that Biden’s COVID is really dementia.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Trump likely invented this conspiracy theory after Biden pointed out that he was able to keep working while he had COVID, but Trump was gravely ill and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Joe Biden does not have dementia. Trump tried this same smear in 2020 and lost the election. It is a sign of the failed former one-term president’s desperation to both change the subject from the wide variety of investigations surrounding him that are getting hotter by the day and one of Trump’s favorite tactics of spreading lies about his opponents through baseless personal smears.

Joe Biden has accomplished more as president in less than two years than Donald Trump did over the course of his entire term.

Trump knows he can’t defeat a healthy Joe Biden in 2024, so he is attempting to smear Biden to give himself a chance to win the next presidential election.

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