Uvalde Teacher Falsely Accused Of Leaving Door Open To Sue Gun Manufacturer

The Uvalde teacher who police inaccurately stated left a door open that the gunman used to gain access to the school intends to sue the manufacturer of the AR-15.

The San Antonio Express-News reported:

Don Flanary, a lawyer representing teacher Emilia Marin, filed a petition late Thursday asking a state district judge for permission to gather more information about Daniel Defense LLC in anticipation of a lawsuit. The request includes permission to depose, or interview under oath, officials from the Georgia-based company.

“At a minimum, she has suffered severe and lasting psychological trauma. She is currently being treated for her condition associated with the violence inflicted upon her and others,” Flanary said Friday. “She is definitely not the only survivor who will suffer these effects for the rest of their lives. Countless children, all who were at the school that day, are no doubt experiencing the same horrific damages.”

The lawsuit has become a viable path after 9 Sandy Hook families reached a $73 million settlement with Remington.

Several other Uvalde families are also considering lawsuits, and one suspects that one of the reasons why city officials have changed the story of the official police response to the shooting is that they are trying to avoid being sued.

Money can’t bring loved ones back or undo a lifetime of trauma and injury, but it can pay for treatment for the injured and hold gun manufacturers accountable for selling weapons of war to mass killers.

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